Family Album 2018

Family Album 2019
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Lost Lake
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Thanksgiving at Nelder
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   Anniversary & Birthday Party

On July 7 we had a family gathering at Cambridge Terrace clubhouse and pool to celebrate anniversaries for Teri and Tim, Johnny and Brittany, and Jennifer and Rod; as well as Teri's birthday. Pizza, veggies, dessert and swimming were enjoyed by all

Pizza on the pad Jack takes a relaxed approach to lunch
Jack swims with a  helping hand Tim Liddle, Brittany, Jack, Johnny, and Colton Upshaw, Jennifer Neely, Lizzie Cota, Mike Liddle, Dick Estel, (Seated): Teri Liddle, Jackie Taggart (click for a larger view)
Jack was the first to try dipping his head into the hot tub And of course, Colton quickly joined in
After the first dip The perfect hair style achieved
Jack Day

On July 17 Jack spent the day with Great Grandpa Dick. We rode on the Old Town Trail to a place where he likes to throw "tree stars" (sycamore leaves) into the water. He added "fishing" for them to his repertoire on this trip. This was followed by an hour or so at Dry Creek Park, where his main activity was dropping Legos down the slide

Jack on the trail Launching tree stars
Guiding them into place (Click for a larger view) Fishing
Lego time (Click for a larger view) He quickly learned to stay in the shade with his shoes off
Mikie's 21st Birthday Party

On July 22 we returned to the clubhouse to celebrate Mikie's 21st birthday with pizza, cake and more water fun. The Birthday Boy avoided the camera, but there's already a big page of photos documenting his life up to this time. He also appears in a couple of videos taken at the party. You'll have to download them to your own PC, and then view them.

Diving and Swimming         Johnny Jumps with Jack

Tim and his mom, Margie

Jack picked up Grandpa Dick's camera and captured this shot. We call it "Still life with pizza"

Johnny shows how it's done Jack shows he's a quick learner (Click the photo for a larger view)
Jack being Jack Frosted fingers (Click the photo for a larger view)
Colton Day

July 24 was supposed to be the start of a three-day camping trip to Courtright Reservoir. For various reasons, it turned into a one-day visit, with a bike ride, swimming, ice cream at Scoops, a tour of the Clovis Antique Mall, and a visit to the Dry Creek Museum.

The best way to eat whipped cream -straight from can to mouth (click for a larger view) Checking out the padlocks on the Old Town Trail bridge over Dry Creek
He found the same Spider Man mask brother Jack tried on a few months earlier Looking very cool with an ice cream mustache (click for a larger view)
Lost Lake

On August 31, 2018, Dick, Teri, Jack and Colton had lunch at Rocket Dog, then went to Lost Lake on the San Joaquin River, where the kids (including Teri) had fun running through a gentle section of the stream

Colton led the way, fearlessly heading across the water and rocks Soon everyone got into it
Chaffee Zoo
On September 14 Dick, Teri, and Jack went to the Chaffee Zoo. His favorite thing was touching the stingrays, but he also had fun riding some of the wild animals
Riding the rhino Sea Lion wrangler
A Day at the Domes

Off Highway 168, down five miles of increasingly challenging dirt roads, there are a couple of domes. We have a family rule that if you climb a nameless hill or dome, you can put your name on it. On September 23 Johnny, Jack, Colton and I drove to the place I call New Stargazer Rock and went up on both domes. The boys and their dad also climbed a large boulder on top of Colton's Dome

Colton celebrates reaching the top of his dome

The Upshaw men on top of the boulder seen in the background of the previous photo

Jack's 4th Birthday

On the morning of October 7, one day early, Jack and a bunch of kids had a great time at Pump it Up. Then in the afternoon a flock of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends gathered to shower him with more gifts

His favorite gift, a Batman robot Brother Colton joins in the fun
Pumpkin Patch

A few days before Halloween, Teri, Colton, Jack and Dick visited a pumpkin patch near downtown Clovis. We already had all the pumpkins we needed, but there were rides, a slide, a haunted house, and a straw bale maze, all of which the boys enjoyed to the fullest. The most fun thing for everyone was a rotating cylinder at the house exit, in which the boys and some friends played like hamsters in a wheel. There's a video that you can download and watch if you want a good chuckle.

Jack and Colton's wild ride Jack was hesitant at first, then went down several times
Thanksgiving at Nelder
In early November 2018, our family celebrated Thanksgiving at Nelder Grove, enjoying a potluck dinner around the campfire
There's no reason to walk around when climbing over is so much fun Colton in one of the two apple trees in the campground
Colton and Jack on the trail along California Creek Colton clears way debris from the campfire
Hensley Outing
On November 30 Dick, Teri, Johnny, Colton and Jack explored an old corral in Madera County, en route to a hike at Hensley Reservoir
We've got to see what's over there! Jack and Colton on a big granite outcropping
Gingerbread House Day
December 21 was the annual Gingerbread House Day at Grandma Teri's. Jack, Colton, Teri and Mikie all made houses, while great grandparents Jackie and Dick watched
Colton concentrating hard on his construction project The finished product
Jack's completed house One you've built it, the only thing left to do is eat it
Eaton Trail Hike
On December 23 the Upshaw's - Johnny, Brittany, Colton and Jack, along with Grandma Teri and Great Grandpa Dick, hiked the Lewis Eaton Trail along the San Joaquin River. Where the trail goes down toward the river bottom, there are many informal trails, used by bikers and runners who want a little extra challenge. Colton and Jack discovered these steep paths, and put in an extra half mile running up and down nearly every one of them.
Colton on the bluff above the trail Smilin' Jack 
All the Upshaw's explore the steep path Giant replica animal houses at the River Center include this owl nest

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