Family Album 2019

Family Album 2018
Jack in the Park          Jack vs. the Giant Marshmallow         Lost Lake          Scoops, Park & Swimming

Kings Canyon Park          Halloween          Christmas

Jack in the Park

On January 30 Johnny dropped Jack off at my house on his way to work. We went to the skate park, two playgrounds, a bike ride, lunch at Rocket Dog, and ice cream at Scoop's

Celebrating a triumphant wall climb Flicking dandelions
Jack vs. the Giant Marshmallow

A number of years ago Mikie and I experimented with "roasting" marshmallows in the microwave. Placed on a plate and zapped for ten to fifteen seconds, a marshmallow would puff up to the size of a tennis ball. When taken out, it would deflate down to a little bigger than normal. They were warm and soft, although they lacked the traditional charcoal-flavored outer crust. When a camping trip in February had to be cancelled due to rain, I decided to make 'Smores in the microwave, using extra large marshmallows. These items had a mind of their own. They got real big, did not deflate, and were a challenge to eat.

Sticky but delicious! In with both hands
Lost Lake

To make up for the rained out camping trip we hiked, played and picnicked at Lost Lake

Leaning trees are a magnet for Colton Jack gets good air as he launches the Stomp Rocket
Scoops, Dry Creek Park, and Swimming
The boys spent  day with me, and their dad said my job was to wear them out. I think I was the worn one at the end of a busy day. We had ice cream at Scoop's, where we were joined by my friend Regina, bearing patriotic hats for the boys. They climbed and swing at Dry Creek Park, and cooled off in the pool in my condo complex.
Getting the hat just right Mugging for the camera
Colton on top of The Spider, a complex climbing feature rigged with cable Jack would not be outdone, and made it to the top for the first time ever
Daredevil dive Nothing like a cold lemonade in the hot tub
Kings Canyon National Park

On August 14, Grandpa Dick and the boys hiked at Big Stump Basin and Panoramic Point in Kings Canyon National Park. Their favorite thing was climbing on a huge, broken-off sequoia that they call "The Castle."

The Mark Twain Stump in Big Stump Basin Colton carefully leads the way through a passage in The Castle
Colton surveys his domain Jack kicking back
To quote Brittany, "Although we usually frown on using sharp objects at the Upshaw house, one night a year we make an exception."
Johnny makes the initial cuts Doctors Colton and Jack complete a successful pumpkinectomy
Proud carvers with the finished product. Next stop - your door - have the candy ready!
Family Christmas at Neely's included a tractor ride. Jack got his wish, a Luigi costume.
Lila and Olivia Taggart; Jack and Colton Upshaw; Rod Neely driving Luigi (Jack) and Johnny

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