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June Lake & Eastern Sierra          Nevada & Great Basin          Utah & Dinosaur National Monument

Colorado & Dinosaur National Monument          Colorado & Rocky Mountain National Park

Missouri & Indiana          Ohio & Michigan          Missouri Again          Heading Home         Maps


June Lake & Eastern Sierra


A different view of Half Dome Cloud's Rest Tenaya Lake

Mikie & Teri in the gondola at Mammoth Lakes

Yeah, that's what's holding us up The Minarets

Triumphant atop an 11,000 foot peak

View from Seven Lake Vista Dick with the Minarets as backdrop
With the Minarets in the background,
Teri celebrates her 50th birthday
Biking is a popular activity at Mammoth Lakes Our A-frame at Reverse Creek Lodge
Teri in our kitchen Mikie and Max, just kicking back The view from our cabin

Cliffs above the June Lake Loop road

Rugged juniper by the road One of many volcanic craters in the Mono Lake area
Panum Crater Obsidian boulder in the crater Water spout on Mono Lake
The dramatic top of the plug More obsidian A stormy morning
Hot Creek It probably should say SURVIVORS will be cited The cool part of Hot Creek
Boulder at Obsidian Dome

Teri considers whether she can make off with that nice specimen

Obsidian comes in various colors
The path to the top of the dome Pumice makes average humans capable of amazing feats  On top of Obsidian Dome
Different colored volcanic rocks at Obsidian Dome All the places you can go from Mammoth Lakes Squirrel in the meadow near Devil's Postpile
The Devils Postpile Broken posts in front of the formation Max and Mikie on the fallen posts
On the southern end of the area Another look at the southern end Meadow and Middle Fork of the San Joaquin River
Polygon shapes of the posts are clearly seen on top of the pile Max, Mikie and Teri on the top

Dick and Teri in front of our giant Jeffrey Pine

A last look at the Sierra along State Highway 120 Lupines by Highway 120 Heading into Benton and Benton Hot Springs
Eastern Sierra from State Highway 120
Panoramic view of the Minarets

Nevada & Great Basin National Park

The Snake Valley below Great Basin National Park Juniper, piņon and mountain mahogany Wheeler Peak in Great Basin National Park
The right way to get high

Aspens at the highest point on the road

Mountains north of the park
Meadow below Mather Overlook Snake Valley from the upper part of the park A bit of whimsy along the road into the park
Cliff Rose Inside Lehman Cave Another scene in the cave
More cave views
One of many old log structures around Baker, NV The palatial Whispering Elms Hotel in Baker
Figures at the ranching exhibit
Limber pine cones at back, and Engleman spruce in front This dead bristlecone stands like a sentinel at the edge of the grove Tool used to take borings to determine age of trees
Base of an ancient bristlecone Comparison of bristlecone needles... ...and the looser, lighter limber pine needles
Only the branch on the left is still living on this patriarch This young  bristlecone, four inches in diameter and 12 feet tall, could be anywhere from 200 to 1,000 years old A close look at those bristly cones
An especially fine example of nature's sculpture work Dick next to the Guardian tree Lots of information about bristlecone pines
Yes, this is the trail to the grove A little smoother section of the trail Wheeler Peak from the grove
Dick at the Great Basin sign Looking east from Baker, NV Corral and ranch buildings at the edge of Baker
Inviting flower, spiny foliage marks this as a prickly poppy Downtown Baker NV Foot tall ant hill in Baker
Rock layers along US 6 in Nevada
13,000 foot Wheeler Peak area of Great Basin National Park
Utah & Dinosaur National Monument
Notch Peak from US 6 just east of the Nevada border Small plants in the mud flats Along US 6 in western Utah
Rock formations along US 6 In Price Canyon on US 6 Bee posing on a thistle blossom
US 191 between Price Canyon on US 6 and US 40 Along US 191  Irrigated land in the valley along US 191
Old cabin on US 191 Prairie Dog on US 191 Turtle Rock, Cub Creek Drive in Dinosaur National Monument
Another turtle rock? Cliffs above the Green River Another rounded sandstone cliff
The Green River near Chew Ranch Sculpted sandstone

Split Mountain from near the end of the road

A closer look at Split Mountain Canyon off the Green River Petroglyphs by Jackson Pollack?

Fremont petroglyphs near Cub Creek

Cub Creek Josie Bassett Morris' cabin

Box canyon where Josie corralled her cows

View from the upper end of the canyon

Upper end of the canyon
Multicolored rock near Split Mountain Area Campground on the Green River below Split Mountain The river above the camping area
Flowers along the road  Proof that I was there The Monument is part of a huge area where dinosaurs once roamed
The Quarry Exhibit Hall Camarasaurus femur, about five feet long Actual apatosaurus skull fossil
Bones in the quarry
A ubiquitous sign all over the west At the entrance to Sound of Silence Trail Evidence of heavy runoff
Colors both vibrant and subtle Endlessly fascinating formations mark the Sound of Silence Trail Unique markings
The work of time, water and wind More sandstone sculpture Multicolor layers
Fremont culture cell tower? Looking back toward the road on the Sound of Silence Trail One of a dozen pigmy rabbits who posed for pictures
You have to hike early to enjoy shade in the wash Hiking poles were welcome at this spot on the trail

Without the trees, it would be a moonscape

A look back in time A rare shady spot on the trail

Just like the back window of an SUV


Another Fremont figure along Cub Creek road The masterpiece, it probably took months to etch this lizard The flute player is a common figure in southwest native culture 
Bighorn sheep petroglyph The lizard is visible above the trail to the petroglyphs View from the petroglyph trail
Big smoke cloud north of Vernal Dozens of these planters lined the main street of Vernal, Utah Mammoth tusks under restoration
Bentonite in the Utah Museum A an explanation of Bentonite A nice display of projectile points
Scientists now think pteranodon may have had fur     Mammoth model at the museum
Apatosaurus skeleton in the museum
T-Rex and triceratops models outside the museum
Cliffs along the Green River
Entrance to the Sound of Silence Trail
Panorama of Turtle Rock area
Colorado & Dinosaur National Monument
A gully full of tumbleweeds Street sign in the town of Dinosaur, CO Plug Hat Butte
Sagebrush and sandstone outcroppings View from trail above the butte Nature's fantastic sculpture work,
using a Utah juniper
Mulleins line up at the edge of the road by Canyon Overlook The antelope play Another striking juniper
Flowers of Dinosaur National Monument
A dramatic view of the canyons of Dinosaur National Monument Looking down into Echo Park Echo Park, where the Yampa meets the Green; formation just left of center is Steamboat Rock
The river and the canyon it carved Talk about a remote road! The Green below the confluence of the two rivers
Close up in Echo Park    A twisted river
Echo Park panorama
The Yampa in a quieter mood Entrance sign to the Colorado section of the monument Flower in the northern section of Dinosaur Monument
The gates to the Gates The Green River above the Gates Red cliffs above the Green River, viewed from Colorado 318
From the trail approaching the Gates Another view from the trail This peaceful section belies the rapids that lie ahead
Following in the path of Powell The Gates of Lodore At the end of the trail
Rock formation by the trail    The Lizard of Lodore
The Green River enters the Gates of Lodore
Cliffs in the Canyon Pintado Historic District south of Rangely, CO
Rock formations on Colorado 64
northwest of Rangely
Rock paintings in Four Mile Draw Old line shack in the canyon
A gate to keep cows out and let
water and debris through
A view across Four Mile Draw Eroded cliff in the draw
One of the most popular characters of the southwest Kokopeli and another figure A closer look
A lance painted on the rock Formation near Kokopelli The White Bird site
Swallows nests in the cliffs A rock strewn canyon Cliff along Canyon Pintado road
A field of grass Grasses and scrub brush Cottontail rabbit
Oil pump near Rangely Museum Downtown Rangely, CO White River near Rangely

Hay bales along the White River on
CO 64 east of Rangely

Abandoned ranch along CO 64 The ranch house
Colorado & Rocky Mountain National Park
Snow fence on CO 13 The Yampa again, by CO 13 Yampa Valley along US 40
Yampa Valley Panorama
Another abandoned homestead

US 40 enters the Colorado River canyon

My first view of the Colorado river IN Colorado
Colorado corral
Storm over Kremmling, CO Granby Lake at the edge of
Rocky Mountain National Park
Entering the park
Lake Granby and the Rocky Mountains

The Colorado in the Kawuneeche Valley

The Kawuneeche Valley This thistle keeps its heads down where the leaves offer maximum protection
Kawuneeche Valley

Moose feeing in the Kawuneeche Valley

Adams Falls

Looking down from the top of the falls

Rocky Mountains in the national park
Storm in the Rockies A unique flower Dandelion near the Colorado
Grand Lake, just outside the park The Rockies above Granby Lake The view from my balcony in Granby
Something for everyone in downtown Granby Homesteader's cabin in Kawuneeche Valley The Colorado River has its start a few miles up this valley
A short walk from here are buildings that were part of a dude ranch started about 1920 The Colorado near Holzwarth Dude Ranch  Old corral at the ranch site
This ice house kept 125 100-pound blocks of ice frozen through the summer This was John Holzwarth's taxidermy shop The original house
Another moose Mountain flowers The view from Fairview Curve
Looking back at the Kawuneeche
Valley from Fairview
Columbine blossom Small lake by the Continental Divide

Surely we can get higher than this!

Still not the highest point on the road

Just about as high as it gets without going off road
View from the road below the visitor center

Snow and mountains near visitor center

A glacial cirque, looking out the back of the visitor center
The dark cliffs are lava Above the tree line, tiny flowers are king More alpine blooms
Flowers of the tundra
Rocks are another major crop in these parts The path leads out to a vista point above a river canyon Mountains and tundra
Shades of blue dominate More rugged peaks Nothing but rock and ice
The road to the sky The view of a "park" on the eastern side Another park
Down in the "low" country around 7,000 feet Big Thompson River In the river canyon
High peaks and tundra
Kansas, Missouri, Indiana
Cedar Bluffs along US 83 in Kansas Geographic center of US marker in Kansas James Stanley McGee
These flowers were everywhere in the
Midwestern states
Entering Etna Green Indiana Soy beans from front of June Ganshorn's house

Sign at historic Robert Watkins Farm

Robert in Civil War days Robert and Sarah in later days
Dick Estel and June Ganshorn    Lots of choices
   June Ganshorn house and farm, Etna Green, Indiana
Ohio & Michigan
Cousin Martha and her mulleins

Daughter Heidi, Martha, twins Vanessa & Natasha, friend Morgan

In Oak Openings Preserve (trees broken off by a tornado)
Another view in Oak Openings Twin fawns in the preserve Blossoms in the preserve

A dramatic flower in Martha's garden

A unique red-leaf plant

Frogs enjoy a quiet pond in the garden

Here, it IS easy being green  Martha's back yard A lupine blooms in Ohio
Barn north of Delta, Ohio Sunset on the farm The Snyders: Kate, Annnette & Dom,
Mark, Rob & Luke, Jacob

Luke & Dominic sample the berry crop

Jacob and rabbit The kids on the stage coach climbing bars 
Luke ready to hop on pop Fisherman Mark

In a non-traditional approach,
Jacob chops wood after it's on the fire


Ron Dzierzawski getting the boat ready

The view  from Wampler's Lake, Michigan Blue Heron patrolling the lake
Chrysanthemums in Vaughn greenhouse Automatic watering Poinsettias
Downtown Ai Where K.K. & Tillie Watkins lived in 1920 K.K. & Tillie headstone
Missouri Again
Gateway Arch in St. Louis The wind turned this garbage can inside out

James & Paz Hall, Dick, Gayle & Jim Hall

Jim, Gayle & Amos James, Paz & Otis Aaron Hall & daughter Casey
   Woods back of Jim's place    
Heading Home
The real west Cheapest gas on the trip Green fields
Sunflowers in Oklahoma Lots of signs for the Flying C Ranch in New Mexico Do you see the face?
Colorful New Mexico More sandstone cliffs At the edge of Santa Rosa, NM
A three layer "cake" of sandstone

High desert and mountains in Arizona

More Arizona Arizona desert country
An eroded hillside Clouds stacked up in Arizona Kramer Junction in California's Mojave Desert
The north side of Boron... ...and the south side Part of Edwards Air Force Base,
above the town of Boron
A more than adequate number of creosote bushes Borax mine and processing plant Mountains south of Tehachapi
The way to town Keene's claim to fame Keene's other claim to fame
Still another Keene landmark Back in the San Joaquin Valley- a giant fruit stand The last highway on my trip
Only a block to go My street - a welcome sight after 40 days of traveling Home at last!
Two engines at the front and two at the rear move this train up the Tehachapi grade
Gas in Missouri... ...and in Oklahoma... ...and back in California
Eastbound: June Lake & Great Basin National Park Dinosaur National Monument Areas visited in eastern Dinosaur National Monument
Rocky Mountain National Park Overnight Stops Visiting Jim in Missouri and June in Indiana
Travel from Indiana to Maumee OH Areas visited from Maumee Westbound: Overnight stops; Hall family in Missouri
Overnight stops Last night and arrival home Overview of approximate route
   Signs along the road   
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