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This section presents the descendants and ancestors of the webmaster, Dick Estel; naturally, my sister Linda shares the ancestors equally.

As I became a father, and later a grandfather and great grandfather, I enjoyed seeing the interaction between my children and grandchildren and their great grandparents. My only in-person meeting with my great grandparents was when I was 18 months old, and I have no memory of it. My interest in genealogy may be an attempt to get to know them and their own grandparents back into the past.

Credit for most of the research for my genealogical files goes to my mother, Hazel Mason Estel. She's the one who wrote letters (on a typewriter), visited cemeteries and court houses to take notes (by hand), and wrote it all down (in longhand) before computers were common. She was often accompanied by her sister, Lnora Mason Drefke. My own research has consisted of a few forays into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints files, looking through the CD files that came with my genealogy program, Family Tree Maker, and collecting information from relatives in Ohio on a trip in 2002..

I am also indebted to a number of distant relatives who have shared their research, both on paper and via Email, and steered me toward links to other genealogy pages.

For more information about individual family lines, click on the links under Genealogy Pages.

An excellent source of information on Fulton County pioneer families is the Fulton County OH GenWeb site.


What's Here

A "quick and dirty" pedigree back to my great grandparents appears below to help identify who's who. More complete pedigree charts, descendent charts and family group sheets are accessible as separate linked files.

My ancestors back to my great great grandparents are shown in my pedigree chart. There are pedigree charts for each great grandparent; as well as selected charts for lines that go back farther than these two sets of charts.

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Parents, Grandparents, Great Grandparents

John F. Estel Pauline Mayer William D. Clifton Emma Aletha Gasche
Frank Lawrence Estel Mabel June Clifton

Robert William Estel

Charles E. Mason Emily Sarah Bell Kimmel K. Watkins Priscilla Richardson
George Gardner Mason Nancy Opal Watkins

Hazel Doris Mason

Robert William Estel Hazel Doris Mason

Richard Mason Estel & Linda Marie Estel


Pedigree Charts

Richard Mason Estel

Linda Marie Estel
Great Grandparents
John Fredrick Estel Pauline Mayer William David Clifton Emma Aletha Gasche
Charles Elmore Mason Emily Sarah Bell Kimmel Kyper Watkins Priscilla Jeanette Richardson


Johnny Upshaw Michael Liddle

Descendant Charts
Watkins Family
Robert Watkins & Rachel Holliday Kimmel Watkins & Priscilla Richardson Earl Watkins & Junice Manes
Orra Watkins & Florence Bruner Ross Watkins & Fern Sheffield George Mason & Opal Watkins
Clifton Family
John T. Clifton & Jane Lumby William David Clifton & Emma Aletha Gasche John Lowell Clifton & Florence Fauble
Frank Lawrence Estel & Mabel June Clifton Harold Clifton & Marjorie Holton Kenneth Vaughan & Marjorie Clifton
  Andrew Rasmussen & Helen Clifton  

Estel Family

Frederick John Estel & Augusta Grentz   John Martin Estel & Florence Hatfield
Kimmel Family
Michael & Rachel Zimmerman Kimmel   Johann Michael & Anna Kimmel
Blake Family
Richard & Camila Blake
Family Group Sheets
Watkins Family
Robert Watkins & Rachel Holliday Kimmel  Watkins & Priscilla Richardson Opal Watkins & George Mason
Orra  Watkins & Florence Bruner Earl  Watkins & Junice Maines Ross Watkins & Fern Sheffield
  Dorr  Watkins & Opal Richards  
Mason Family
George Mason & Opal Watkins   Charles Mason & Emily Bell
Clifton Family
John Lumby Clifton & Elizabeth Burnham William Clifton & Emma Aletha Gasche Harold Clifton & Marjorie Holton
John Clifton & Florence Fauble Marjorie Clifton & Kenneth Vaughan Mabel Clifton & Frank Estel
  Helen Clifton & Andrew Rasmussen   
Gasche Family
George Gasche & Esther Ann Dickason   Emma Aletha Gasche & William Clifton
Estel Family
Fredrick John Estel & Augusta Grentz   Frank Estel & Mabel Clifton
Kimmel Family
Johann Michael & Anna Kimmel   Johann Philip & Anna Kimmel
Blake Family
Seneca & Hanna Blake   George & Laura Blake
John Estel, 1946 Frank Estel, 1992 (100 years old) Frank & Mabel Estel at Bass Lake CA, 1939
Dr. Charles Gasche
Robert Estel, 1937 Hazel Mason Estel, 1938 Dr. Charles Gasche
Frederick Estel, founder of the family in America Estel Family 1950
(Also seen at top of page)
George & Catherine Honeberger Gasche
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George W. Gasche


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