Dick Estel's World

Does the world really need another personal web site?

Well, yes...it needs this one. This is a revamped version of a once very tangled web site. Many of the tangles are out, but there's still a lot of satisfyingly useless stuff. Explore by clicking the links below, and come back soon for more.


Photos: Pictures of places and people and stuff that you might enjoy

Family Home Page: Family activities and interests

Music: Links to artist tributes, obscure songs, comments and opinions

Travel Reports: Narrative of various trips - vacation spots, bluegrass festivals, etc.

Hockey: The coolest game on earth

Genealogy: Where we came from

Outdoor: A gateway to camping, hiking, photos and anything else that fits


Commodore Support Center: Help and info for the classic C64 and 128

None of the Above: A potpourri of stuff

The Rant: Commentary and opinion on anything that needs to be commented on

Links - A few dozen of our favorite surfing spots


Updated October 28, 2020